Heavenly Parenting

Heavenly parenting:

It can be difficult trying to raise kids to walk with Jesus. One thing we’ve learned is that kids are very sensitive to the presence of the Spirit of God and can hear His voice pretty clearly.

Example, our 8 year old was introduced to Harry Potter at school. I don’t know much about Harry Potter so I didn’t know what to tell my daughter when she came home with the book and was asking about it. I knew people in the past who wouldn’t let their kids touch a Harry Potter book, so that was my first inclination. Then I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit prompting me to tell Shaandiin to pray and talk to God about it. So that’s what I did.

She heard very clearly from God and He gave her an answer that I wouldn’t have thought of. He told her it’s ok to read the book to the point where Harry goes to the school. (Obviously God has read the book and knows each chapter 😂) So that’s what she did and that was the end of the Harry Potter discussion. We didn’t have to stress out and worry about her being tainted, nor did we have to play the Holy Spirit’s role and decide for her what to do.

If you’re raising your kids to walk with Father, Son and Holy Spirit I would encourage you to try this. This is for kids who are old enough to discern light from darkness. Start askin your kids what they think or what they feel about certain things. And if they’re unsure don’t just tell them what to think, teach them how to think and discern the heart of God in every situation. One day you won’t be around to tell them not to do something, but God will be there to guide them if they’ve been trained to hear.

Let’s raise a generation to know His voice.

Author: jmatherson

Follower of Jesus according to the ancient way, which He passed down to His twelve apostles, and which they passed down to the early church.

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