Does God still heal?

It’s always easy to criticize people for taking risks that we ourselves are not willing to take. In Christianity one area we see this more than any is the topic of healing. People who have never participated in healing ministry often criticize those that do. The main criticism we hear is, “If they had the gift of healing then everyone they pray for would be healed.” Then they go on and mention how Jesus and the apostles healed everyone.

First, to say a person who has the gift of healing should heal everyone that comes to them is like saying a person with the teaching gift should perfectly understand the whole Bible. We all know that people who teach the Bible grow more in their gifting the more they study and the more they practice. Why don’t we apply that to all the gifts. We seem to approach the supernatural gifts with this legalistic idea that if someone has one of those gifts they can’t make any mistakes and they must have a perfect record.

This way of thinking leaves no room for Matthew 7:7 which says, “·Ask [Keep asking], and ·God will give [L it will be given]to you. ·Search [Seek; Keep seeking] , and you will find. ·Knock [Keep knocking] , and the door will open for you.” (The Expanded Bible)

Every time we pray for someone to be healed we are knocking at that door. Instead of criticizing those who pursue spiritual gifts we should humble ourselves and learn from them and realize they are stepping out in areas that take great courage. We should also be encouraged to follow in their steps because we’re all called to go after the gifts (1 Corinthians 14:1). Paul says we should “eagerly desire/ be zealous for spiritual gifts” (The Expanded Bible).

Some people have no desire to walk in the gifts and they criticize others because it makes them feel better about their lack of spiritual zeal. That’s cowardly, and there’s no room for cowards in the kingdom of God.

Don’t be a coward. Be childlike. Jesus said unless we become like little children we will never enter the kingdom of heaven. When a child sees another child with a cool toy they want to play too. When we see someone going after spiritual gifts we should want to play too and when we don’t see the door opening we should keep knocking knowing that eventually it will.

Lastly, always remember you have to grow in the gifts, whether teaching or prophesying or healing, we receive these things in seed form and God wants us to water them and create a culture inside our hearts for these things to blossom. Just trust that the Spirit will distribute to you as much as He wishes (1 Cor 12:11). We don’t actually decide how much of the gift we get, but we decide how much risk to take and how much we will trust. All glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Grace and peace 2u

Author: jmatherson

Follower of Jesus according to the ancient way, which He passed down to His twelve apostles, and which they passed down to the early church.

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