Word to the wise

For a long time I posted things on Facebook about God almost daily. Then the last two years if you look over my timeline there is hardly anything about God. 

We should always be willing to go through times of silence whether it’s a couple of weeks or a couple of years, so that God can reveal Himself to us in a greater way. None of us have the perfect theology or perfect understanding of God. In my opinion the perfect theology is the understanding that our own wisdom is foolishness to God and that if we truly desire to be wise we must first become as fools who know nothing (1 Cor. 3:18). 
Paul wrote these things to a church that was divided. Maybe the reason the church today has so much division is because we are more driven by being “right” than we are driven by fellowship with one another. 
The last couple of years I have been stretched like never before in every way. Much that I thought I knew about Him I found to be my own wisdom and by His grace He showed me those things. Here’s one awesome thing about God: He is not afraid of us having the wrong perspective on certain things. Some things of course are absolute (like the identity of Christ as the Son of God, the virgin birth, His death and resurrection, etc) but there are other things that have been debated by Christians for centuries. 
These other things I believe do have absolutes (for example, we know Jesus will physically return to earth, but how that will happen has been debated), but we must always remember that God is inexhaustible and the moment we think we have it all figured out is the moment we forsake wisdom and embrace folly.

 According to the book of Proverbs wisdom is a tree of life, so when I keep her close it is one way I experience heaven on earth. Grace and peace 2u.

Author: jmatherson

Follower of Jesus according to the ancient way, which He passed down to His twelve apostles, and which they passed down to the early church.

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